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Casa:1 Zementfliesen - Silke Wiegand & Dieter Dichantz. Wir sind für Sie da.
Casa:1 Zementfliesen - Owners and Manager: Silke & Dieter

We are Casa:1 Cement Tiles:

Silke Wiegand

*1968, bank clerk, accredited interpreter and translator and PR consultant, freelance PR advisor of, among other things, many great events.

Dieter Dichantz

*1965, graduate economist, was until recently a controller with a big cable network operator.

Sustainability and environmental protection:

Brand names "Parque Natural de Andalucía"
The cement tiles of Casa:1 are made in Andalusia by hand according to the traditional skills of this handicraft. Only sand, cement, colour pigments and marble powders are used in their production. Different to ceramic tiles, cement tiles are not fired, but are pressed hydraulically. Our supplier may well win customers over with the brand name  Parque Natural de Andalucía  which obliges him to observe some important measures of conserving the environment. Hence, you can count on the fact that the production of your cement tiles occurs natural resources-friendly and under the strict observance of the legal regulations for the protection of the environment.

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