Stylish living with selected tiles

Cement Tiles from Andalucia -
Just the way you like them

Traditional handmade cement tiles offer many individual creative possibilities, give quite an exceptional atmosphere to various living spaces and draw our attention as to their beautiful colours and varied patterns. Cement tiles are not only used in private homes but also in restaurants and public buildings.

Cement Tiles Configurator

Lay your favourite floor with cement tiles right on the screen. Chose your cement tiles in our cement tiles configurator from more than 100 decors and 36 standard colours. We also offer you the possibility to have your cement tiles manufactured according to your own design and the reproductions of historic cement tiles. We will be glad to advise you. Call us: +49 2235 6984674
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Quality and responsability

Casa:1 cement tiles are manufactured by hand in Spain using exclusively Spanish materials. Our manufacturer is authorized to use the logo of the „Parque Natural de Andalucía“, which obliges him to a resource-saving production and compliance with key environmental measures.

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