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EASTER HOLIDAY: April 14th - April 26th 2014

From April 4th until April 26th 2014 Casa:1 will be closed for Easter Holiday.

We will not be reachable by telephone and only have restricted access to your e-mails.

The transport of tiles from Spain that have then already been ordered will nevertheless take place during that time.

The Casa:1 Showroom well open during those two weeks only on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. and on Thursdays from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. But there will be no advice.

Cement tiles with your favourite colours

Traditional handmade cement tiles offer many individual creative possibilities, give quite an exceptional atmosphere to various living spaces and draw our attention as to their beautiful colours and varied patterns.

Diversity with cement tiles

Cement tiles combine the optics of smooth tiled floors with a cosy home feeling. Cement tile floors are warm and have a velvety texture. Due to their heat-accumulating quality the approx. 1.6 cm thick tiles are much better suited for underfloor heating than wood.

Cement tiles can be found not only in private homes, but also in the catering trade and in the public sector.

Cement tiles configurator    

Lay your favourite floor with cement tiles right on the screen.

Chose your cement tiles from more than 100 decors and 36 standard colours. We also offer you the possibility to have tiles manufactured according to your own design and the reproductions of historic cement tiles.

We will be glad to advise you. Call us: +49 2235 6984674 or write us: contact form

Cement tiles Showroom

Visit our Showroom in Erftstadt (near Cologne)
and convince yourself of the wonderful possibilities
for your new cement tiles floor.





Cement tiles Catalogue and prices

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Short history of the cement tiles

Cement tiles have been produced and used, above all in France, since the second half of the 19th century. Thanks to their pleasant qualities (long durability, extraordinary optics, individual creative possibilities) cement tiles soon spread throughout Europe and found, in particular, their way into manor houses, castles and churches. In Germany cement tiles experienced a real impetus, especially in the Jugendstil era.

Cement tiles from traditional craftsmanship – made in Europe

Already in the third generation, traditional handmade cement tiles are being produced in our manufacture in Spain following a more than 200 year-old art-craft procedure. All materials come from Andalucia.

Production of cement tiles

  1. A mold with the desired pattern is put in a precision frame on a smooth-polished level metal surface.
  2. The colour blendings, made of marble powder, white cement and colour pigments, are filled according to the desired distribution in the pattern into the single fields of the mold. Then, the mold is taken away.
  3. A dry sandy cement mixture is raised directly on the coat of colour and absorbs the moisture.
  4. The last layer, the underside of the finished cement tile, also consists of sand and cement.
  5. In a hydraulic press, the cement tile is hardened, then taken from the form and must dry for one day.
  6. The cement tile is layed in a water bath for another day and must then dry for aprox. 25 days.



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