Tiles for the highest demands in interior design.

The company

Who are we?

The owners of Casa:1

Silke Wiegand | born in 1968
Bank clerk, graduate translator, text and PR consultant. Responsible for PR, Marketing, Sales and international affairs.

Dieter Dichantz | born in 1965
Graduate economist with many years of experience in Sales, Logistics, and Finance/Controlling. Responsible for Planning, Consultancy and Sales, Distribution, Finance.

Elegant tiles for your home

Living the Mediterranean lifestyle, even though you are far away from the Mediterranean Sea. Colourful, harmonious patterns, a southern European feeling within your own four walls and in public buildings... There were the images in our heads when we founded Casa:1 cement tiles in 2010.  We wanted to fulfil the wishes of developers, apartment owners, interior decorators and architects, shop designers and hotel planers by offering more colour, unique floor coverings, and quite simply an alternative to the increasingly large-sized standard tiles of our times. Nowadays, many such groups have become satisfied customers of ours. By now, Casa:1 cement tiles are to be found in buildings all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland and also in some other countries.


Quality and environmental protection

We have made the conscious decision to work with partners from Spain - because we know the country and language and also because we place great emphasis on quality from Europe. It goes without saying that the production of the tiles sold by us fulfils European labour laws and categorically excludes child labour.

Cement tiles

Casa:1 cement tiles are manufactured by hand in Andalusia using traditional methods

Would you like to see how this works? This video shows you how Casa:1 cement tiles are manufactured - step by step.

Our manufacturer is allowed to use the Parque Natural de Andalucía trademark, which signifies commitment to sustainable production and the maintenance of important environmental protection measures.

Parque Natural de Andalucía Logo

Wall tiles

Our partner for metro tiles (subway tiles) and other exclusive wall tiles are the Spanish tile manufacturers CEVICA and AMADIS. CEVICA, based in Castellón, is certified in accordance with the quality management standard EN ISO 9001 and was the first European company in the ceramics sector to be awarded the CO2Zero Azul certificate for virtually CO2-free production. Furthermore we offer wall tiles made by the Spanish company AMADIS FINE TILES with headquaters in Valencia, which has a small but very fine selection of elegant tiles.

As is also the case with our cement tiles, all the materials used in production are procured in Spain with just a few exceptions.

Do you have any questions? Do you need any advice?

You can call us on: +49(0)2235.6984674 or write to us at: info@casa1.de

Be inspired

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