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Cement tiles

<Casa:1 Cement Tiles|Special design Hotel Bachmair
Casa:1|Special design Hotel Bachmair
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Casa:1|CHA031 (client's picture)
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Casa:1|HAC045 (c) Demian Bern

Handmade in Spain

Casa:1 Cement tiles are manufactured by hand in Andalusia using traditional methods All materials come from Spain. You can choose your cement tiles from a selection of more than 100 patterns und 60 standard colours.

Furthermore, we can also manufacture cement tiles for you based on your own designs and can reproduce traditional cement tiles for you.

Do you have any questions about our cement tiles? Would you like more information? We would be happy to advise you.

You can call us on: +49(0)2235.6984674
or write to us at: info@casa1.de

Cement tiles product lines

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Cement tiles - Production

Template in a frame

A template of the desired pattern is set in a precision frame on a smoothly polished, even metal surface.

The colour mixtures made up of marble powder, white cement and colour pigments are filled into the individual compartments in the metal form according to the desired distribution in the pattern. The template is then removed. A dry mixture of sand and cement is then applied onto the colour coat to absorb the moisture. Afterwards, a further layer of sand and cement is applied to give the cement tile its underside.

The cement tile is then solidified in a hydraulic press and is taken out of the form and dried for a day. Following this, the tile is soaked in a water bath for a day, and then subsequently dried for approx. 25 days.

Take a look at our video on cement tile production in the manufacturing facility in Andalusia.


Treasure for floors in all types of rooms

Regardless of whether you are dealing with modern new buildings or with Wilhelminian-style villas, public buildings, restaurants or offices, thanks to the wide range of design possibilities cement tiles offer, they can be used in all frost-free interior spaces.

Select your favourite tile and colour from our product lines and combine your "floor treasure" with a matching edging tile and/or a single-coloured cement tile. Apropos single-coloured: Thanks to the individual nature of production, a uni-coloured floor with our cement tiles can be a real eye-catcher.

The standard size of Casa:1 cement tiles is 20 x 20 x 1.6 cm. Further sizes and shapes can be seen under the menu item Colours & Sizes.

Casa:1 Cement Tiles Drying

Cement tiles - Delivery times
We require a period of about six to eight weeks in order to manufacture and deliver your cement tiles. In the event of large quantity orders, we would ask you to please enquire about our estimated delivery times.

Cement tiles - Quantities
Casa:1 cement tiles can be ordered in quantities beginning from 0.48 sq m/12 tiles. We only charge a minimum quantity surcharge (10%) for total order quantities of up to five square metres.

Cement tiles - Transport costs
We deliver your cement tiles from the manufacturer in Spain directly to your home or any other place of delivery. Transport costs depend on the quantity and the place of delivery. We would be happy to provide you with an all-in-one offer including transport costs.

Cement tiles - Stock items
Some designs are held on stock in small quantities at our manufacturer's facility in Spain. We would be glad to send you pictures of the cement tiles available in the short term. Casa:1 cement tiles are always delivered directly from the manufacturer's base in Spain. It is not possible for orders to be collected from our place of business.

Cement tiles- 100 percent handmade
Casa:1 cement tiles are exclusively manufactured by hand These are authentic Andalusian handcrafted products. Deviations in colour, size, structure and quality may arise and are actually desirable. Irregularities of this type are therefore not considered  grounds for complaint.

Catalogue & Prices

cement tiles catalogue

Casa:1 cement tiles catalogue -  browse through it in the peace of your own home
Sometimes it just has to be paper. In spite of all the mobile options on offer, smart phones, tablets & co., a printed catalogue is oftentimes better than the best device. Browsing and leafing through the pages, setting it aside, picking it up again to browse it together... In our cement tile catalogue we have compiled all our product series for you in a clearly-arranged manner. We would welcome the opportunity to send you a copy by post together with our  price list.

Casa:1- cement tiles - Order our catalogue


Prices Casa:1 Cement tiles
The prices for Casa:1 cement tiles are detailed with the individual product lines. Casa:1 cement tiles cost between 56.00 euro (single-coloured cement tiles) and 140.00 euro (elaborate patterns) per square metre. Unless otherwise specified, all prices include the statutory VAT.

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