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Cement tiles - Product lines at a glance

Whether monochrome with the iridescent color effect which is typical for cement tiles or with decor - Casa:1 cement tiles come in countless variations: simple lines, which set very different accents depending on the color combination, geometric shapes for those who like it straight, floral decors or very modern designs. Choose your favourite tile from our product lines. You can order any of our cement tiles in your favourite colors.

Click on the image in order to view the relevant product line. Alternatively, you can also call up the product lines using the "Cement tiles" menu.

Solo | Unicolour

Casa:1 Cement tiles Solo
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Casa:1 Cement tiles Hacienda
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Casa:1 Cement tiles Castillo
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Casa:1 Cement tiles Individual
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Edge & Base

Casa:1 Cement tiles Edge & Base
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