Tiles for the highest demands in interior design.


Decorative and unicoloured tiles 20 x 20 cm and special sizes | 88.00 - 150.00 € per m² incl. VAT, unless otherwise noted. All cement tiles shown here can be designed according to your colour preferences. Please always order stating article number and colour code.

Individual, IND011 | 14x28 cm
IND011 | 14x28 cm
Individual, IND012 | 14x28 cm
IND012 | 14x28 cm
Individual, IND033 | Hexagon
IND033 | Hexagon
Individual, IND054 | 10x10 cm
IND054 | 10x10 cm
Individual, IND120 | 30x30 cm
IND120 | 30x30 cm
Individual, IND134 | 15x15 cm
IND134 | 15x15 cm
Individual, IND160 | 30x30 cm
IND160 | 30x30 cm
Individual, IND163 | 17x17 cm
IND163 | 17x17 cm
Individual, IND164 | 10x10 cm
IND164 | 10x10 cm
Individual, IND168 | 15x15 cm
IND168 | 15x15 cm
Individual, IND179 | 10x10 cm
IND179 | 10x10 cm
Individual, IND194 | 15x15 cm
IND194 | 15x15 cm
Individual, IND195 | 15x15 cm
IND195 | 15x15 cm
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