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Instructions for the installation and maintenance of Casa:1 cement tiles

The installation of cement tiles requires skill and precision. Make sure to choose a professional tiler, pfeferably with proven experience in installing this type of tiles.

Casa:1 Zementfliesen Verlegung

At the time of purchase, cement tiles by Casa:1 are porous and likely to soak up stains. Therefore, they must always be stored in a clean and dry place. After laying and before grouting, the tiles need a thorough cleaning. A first inpregnation with special agents is also advantageous, a second impregnation should be carried out after grouting. Please follow our installation instructions.

Casa:1 Zementfliesen Reinigung

Regular care of cement tiles is traditionally done using conventional soft soap, if necessary, some scouring powder. Even today, this is still a good care for cement tiles.

However, never use acidic detergents!

Recommended products

Every now and then you should have your cement tiles a little bit "refreshed". In order to help you to enjoy your individual floor with cement tiles for a long time, we would like to share some information with you which has been provided to us by the manufacturer of the products. We recommend the products of LITHOFIN. 

For more information about the care of cement tiles, please contact us by phone: +49 (0)2235.6984674.

Care instructions and further information | LITHOFIN

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