Tiles for the highest demands in interior design.

Technical Information

Certified quality "Made in Europe"

On 20th October 2010, single-coloured and multi-coloured cement tiles of the Casa:1 cement tiles brand were tested by LAENSA Laboratorio Andaluz de Ensayos de Construcción S.R.L. (Andalusian Laboratory for the Testing of Construction Materials) in accordance with the CERTIFICATION STANDARD UNE / DIN EN 1339.   

Slip resistance

Ø USRV value 68.9 (Class 3) = Low slip factor; Casa:1 cement tiles are suitable for installation in baths and showers. Sufficient impregnation is an absolute must.

Abrasion resistance

Class 4 = second-highest class for resistance to abrasion; - Casa:1 cement tiles are suitable for heavy duty applications, e.g. in entrances to buildings, kitchens as well as work areas and business areas.

Size tolerance

Length and width: less than 2 mm (Class 2)
Depth: less than 2 mm (Class 3)
Diagonal: less than 2 mm (Class 3)

Breaking strength/flexural strength

Ø Breaking strength: 0.7 kN (Class 30)
Ø Flexural resistance: 2.7 Mpa (Class 1)

Water absorption/porosity

Ø Water absorption: 8.9%; After installation, Casa:1 cement tiles must be treated in order to ensure that the material is adequately impregnated.

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